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Maikel Roethof (Mayro), Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter

Maikel Roethof has what I call the "golden ears," and I don't use that term often. He knows that the track needs and makes it happen. His mixes are dynamic, intense, and inspiring. His attention to detail when tracking was some of the finest I've seen in 17 years of recording and performing worldwide. I can't wait to work with him again on my next record!

Eric Steckel

I worked with Maikel trying to find my own sound. We started on a song idea that I had for ages and for which I couldn't find a suitable producer. He instantly knew what I wanted which was an amazing experience that I can definitely endorse.

Chendo Smit (The Voice Of Holland)

Maikel is very talented and enthusiastic, I loved working with him and would/will definitely work with him again.

Hiske Bongaarts (The Voice Of Holland)

Maikel is an overall cool guy. He is very patient and really listens to the wishes and ideas of the artists he works with, while still keeping his own signature sound.

Jules van der Heijden (Pyro & The Voice Of Holland)

'Called on Tuesday, listened on Wednesday and played 6 complete drum tracks on Thursday in 1 single day. Super happy with the tight work, thumbs up! '

Willem Jonker (Bottles Of Love)

Maikel is the best drummer I've had behind the kit in my band so far. It's a real privilege to share the stage with him and channel the emotions of rock 'n roll with him in my live shows. Simply put, he get's it. Timing, feel, dynamics and most of all, heaviness! I describe his drumming as modern classic. All the chops of the old masters, with a fresh youthful swagger when needed.

Eric Steckel

Mikey is just a powerhouse behind his drumkit. He listens to the song once and plays exactly what you want. Do you want better than good? Mikey is your man!

Jay v. Leeuwen

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